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The Importance English Language

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The Importance of English language 
Thesis : English is very important for us to learn. Especially in the current era of globalization, English is very important we use. Why do I say that?
This is the answer

Argument 1
Point : Access to knowledge and information .
Elaboration : Existing media in the era of globalization such as the Internet and television have given unrestricted access to knowledge and information as we want. Well, most of the knowledge and information is one of the many uses of the English language. Example: In the GOOGLE search engine available English-language searches. This means access to knowledge and information is universal. Additionally many overseas news using the English language. Moreover also school textbooks also apply the 2 languages ​​Bilingual English one.

Argument 2
Point : Media communication .
Elaboration :We as humans naturally sociable. With socialization, not infrequently, we often communicate through social media such as Facebook, twitter, friendstar, skype,  etc.  With communication we can contact people from all over the world with just a glance. Not only that, the communication makes us able to travel to another country and be able to interact quickly. Communication requires English to be able to interact with others.
Argument 3
Point : Enjoy art .
Elaboration :In English, we can feel the culture of other countries. Example: If you are fluent in English, we can watch a film in accordance with the original language without translation. We also can enjoy the music with English because we have understood its meaning.
Argument 4.
Point :Encouraging Career Advancement .
Elaboration :In the English language, we can be a businessman or a job that we want as high salaries. Since there can be no doubt that English is the language used in business activities between countries.
Conclusion: So, we have to learn English to progress our knowledge in the era of globalization. Thus, we are not left behind by the current technology that is moving forward.

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